The difference: With all our collectors the absorber area is larger than the collector's gross surface area. This guarantees the maximum yield of diffuse light and makes our collectors universally usable.

The specialists: In addition we have optimized all of our collectors for specific climatic conditions. That makes us unique and allows for the use of perfectly tuned collectors.


Diffuse solar radiation
Geographic region Northern Europe
The specialist
DRC 10
Other options
OPC 10 / OPC 15 / OWR 12


Low to medium solar radiation
Geographic region
Central Europe
The specialist
OPC 10 / OPC 15
Other options
DRC 10 / OWR 12


High solar radiation
Geographic region
Southern Europe
The specialist
ECO 10
Other options
OTC 180 / OTC 150 / OPC 10 / OPC 15


Strong winds, lot of snow
Geographic region
Coasts and mountains
The specialist
OWR 12
Other options
ECO 10 / OPC 10 / OPC 15

The choice of the right collector depends on many factors. Our distribution partners are professionals and will kindly give advice. 

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