Vacuum tubes technology

Vacuum tube collectors with 360° absorber

  • Solar systems with vacuum tube collectors deliver up to 70%  more energy than conventional flat panel collectors.
  • Vacuum tubes collectors have the highest efficiency.
  • Life expectancy more than 20 years
  • The absorber in vacuum tubes is in a high vacuum, this is a very efficient insulation with the lowest possible energy loss.
  • Vacuum tube collectors are ideal for heating and industrial heat processes
  • Perfect for hot water up to 100 degrees Celsisu
  • Absorber surface area always larger than the collector area which results in optimal use of diffuse irradiation

Full year energy yield




Parabolic reflector

The standard for optimal exploitation of diffuse and indirect solar irradiation. Thanks to the innovative surface treatment of the mirrors these collectors reach absolute maximum values in energy yield. Our high performance collectors are the result.



Flat reflector

Ideal wherever diffuse irradiation is to be exploited. Even in weak sun irradiation these collectors still deliver the optimum in energy. The white reflector surface is self-cleaning. Our special collectors for single family houses are the result.




Without reflector

Collectors without a reflector are utilised wherever a high solar irradiation is to b expected or where due to local weather conditions (snow and wind) no reflectors can be used. These collectors exploit direct als well as diffuse irradiation.



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